About Julian

Being in this world has shaped many of us in ways that don’t really serve us anymore. We were put into boxes we don’t fit in but in order to make sure that we survive we accepted consciously or unconsciously to give our true self up – and we forgot.

Now we are living in a time that allows us and asks us to show up as our true Self. The world is transforming and we are entering new levels of consciousness that are ready to be experienced and to be expressed.

I have dedicated the last year to break free from these old stories and patterns within my self. I started to remember who I really am and I am here to share a message of love to help others to do the same.

I am here to share my open heart and to create peace on this planet we call our home for now.

I know how it feels to hide, to feel empty and to be still and just accept what is. It’s time for everyone to own their voice again, to speak and express their truth. Everyone has a voice that needs to be heard, that is here to support the transformation of this planet and the lives of many.

I am passionate about supporting others to come back into contact with themselves and to feel empowered and courages to be who they truly are.

I love hearing the voices of the heart, to see people shifting into a state of inner peace again and to live the life they came here for to live.

Let your life be a message of love, of empowerment and of self expression.

Much love


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