Most of the quality of our life is depended on the questions we ask ourselves and on the story we’re telling ourselves. Not only the story we tell ourselves but also the story we tell others about ourselves.

Once I became more aware about my words and the story I was telling myself and others about my overall life, my love life, my finances, my level of excitement, the home I am living in – literally every aspect of my life, I was surprised about how accurate that was.

Do you kmow that feeling when you wake to saomething you didn’t see before and in an instant you have access to change the whole course of your life?

This is what happened to me when I started to understand the power of the word. Abracadabra means I create as I speak. Every single word you speak out loud manifests in your life. If you like it or not. And this is why it is so important to decide which story you are telling yourself and others and which script is leading your life.

If have never done that exercise before I am even more excited for you! It will change your life from the inside out and uplift the quality so much.

How it works is that you remember that you are the scriptwriter and the architect of your own life. No one can tell you what to do and when and how and what is possible for you and what isn’t.

You choose that for yourself. Each day, each hour, each moment.

Before I continue to go into how to write your script I want to give an advise that will safe you a lot of time and effort when it comes to holding your new vibration that is a match to your new story.


I remember the day I wrote my first script and how excited and joyful I was. I literally changed my vibration in one hour to a complete new level. I saw how ease it is to do that and once I wrote it a few times I had it in me, embodied it and FELT it.

And then guess what?

I went and shared with others around me who didn’t change anything. And I was met with resistance. BIG TIMES! So do yourself a favor and keep the story to yourself for a while until you feel that the people around you are on the same vibration as the new you and you can rampage yourself higher and higher into good feeling thoughts.

So let’s dive into scriptwriting now

Whatever you want to experience in your life needs to be written somewhere. You can do it pen to paper which makes the whole process even stronger. You can also type it in a document or a note app on your phone.

And now you go through all areas of your life.

  • How is the relationship with life?
  • How is you love life?
  • You sex life?
  • Your finances?
  • Your health?
  • Hpw do you feel when you wake up?
  • What about creativity?
  • The people you meet?
  • New projects?
  • Maybe you want a dog in your life?

Here is an example of my latest script. I update them every now and then and you will notice how fast things turn out the way you wrote them down! It’s amazing.

„This new life is amazing! All the bravery and courage of the last years to go my own way are paying off now – and I can SEE it!

The level of Freedom I have is incredible. And I mean on all levels. There is more than I could ever imagine. More Love, more Money, more Choices, more Awareness, more Bliss, more God, more Light.
The moment I started to see what story I was telling myself and discovered the underlaying emotion everything changed.

I remembered that my beliefs create my thoughts and that there are also emotions involved.Allowing myself to feel the pain set me free!

I feel so EMPOWERED!

I understood how precious my life energy is and how to use it in the most efficient way. Creating the life off my dreams suddenly became so easy. Everything just flows to me and through me – effortlessly.“

Be specific and write it very alive, emotional and present

You see I just write about how it feels, how I experience life and how I see it IS. And from that moment on I read it over and over again and speak it into existence.

Here is the part I don’t want to hold back. You might meet resistance. Emotions come up. limiting beliefs and all that old stuff that does no longer serve you.

And that okay. Be aware that is is part of outgrowing your old story. There needs to be space for the new version of you.

Whatever comes up. Remember this is just a story! Choose the new. How would the new me act right now?

What would the new version of me tell that part that is coming up right now?

Have compassion with yourself! You are letting fo of a year long imprint in your body and nervous system. Just be gentle and choos the new over and over again until you live it.

Let me know in the comments which script you are telling yourself now and how this post resonated with you.

If you want to dive deeper together to untangle your old story and to come back into your power you can message me and we can see which package works best for you.

Until then enjoy writing your own script!

Much love


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