Along the path other transformation and as we are awakening to higher levels of consciousness and abundance there are a few steps that I could observe along my own journey that I’d love to share with you here

The path of awakening can be exciting and joyful and yet at some point confusing and frustrating.

The deeper we dive into our programmed patterns and see them for what they are we can let them go one by one.


And this is the first stage I can observe over and over again. You simply are a new person. After every session you take, every book you read, every conversation you have that inspires you to think outside what is familiar to you, you are a new person. 

And that is the most amazing feeling for me. When something is truly landing for me and I get it.

I am new then – at least on the inside. 

And now comes a part where I got confused and frustrated many times. I thought and wondered, why nothing is changing in my life. I got it, I am that new version of myself. 

I let this pattern go, I cried out old pain and changed, but why am I still experiencing old struggles? Why are these old thoughts coming back over and over again? Why is this emotion returning in a loop again? 

And then then one day it clicked. I felt what I felt again and again because I didn’t act differently.


And this is a very important step because is it the language of the 3D world. Action. And with action I mean little steps every day that help you to embody the new frequency you are vibrating at now and as you are. 

You can not just be and say all the time that you have let go of it and shifted it but not act in a different way. That’s like Einstein said insanity. Let that sink in for bit even though you mind might not like what I say here right now and it maybe brings up resistance.

You are new, so act new. You body needs to make the experience that it is safe for you to act like you now. Your cells are getting used to the new vibration when you start acting. Old thought patterns fall apart because they don’t have the power over you any more and you step up in the game of life. 

It is important though to keep the new vibration in mind and elevate your action to the new level. 

If you’re still holding on to the old frequency and you act from there, little will change. And that takes some courage to feel what is coming up. 

You might feel shame, excitement, fear or any other emotion. That’s okay. The new you can hold space for all that old stuff that is coming up now easily and you change your vibration on a cellular level. 

And from that new state of being followed by action you enter the state of having.


You changed a belief, you realised something on a deep level and shifted your vibration and then you started acting as the new – awesome! Give yourself some credit here if you applied this manifestation template so far!

Now you will see that you action as the new you is leading you to very different results. You will have what you asked for. 

The resistance goes away. It becomes normal for you to have all the things and experiences to want. 

You are it. You do it. You have it!

Enjoy the journey!

Much love


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