In May 2017 I came in contact with the spirit of cacao for the first time. Not that didn´t drink cacao before, but until then I didn’t ask for its support on purpose and I didn´t know exactly what cacao is doing to our system and how it helps us to open our hearts and to let go of old emotions in a very gentle way.

The work with cacao on myself continued and without noticing it consciously I connected deeper and deeper with the spirit of cacao.

In November 2018 I went to Mexico and from day one onwards I loved the fresh cacao beans there and immediately bough cacao so that I could drink it whenever I wanted to.

In February I have experienced a meditation that has changed everything for me. The message in it was clear – start working with cacao. For and with others.

So my adventure began. I called someone I met a few weeks before and asked if she can help me with my new task. It didn´t take long until I had a call with the right person.

I got fair trade, organic cacao from a farm that is run by the family itself. With the cacao I got my cacao initiation and learned how to hold ceremonies, how to prepare the cacao and how to pass on the loving and supporting energy that comes from the spirit of cacao.

If you would like to experience the healing and supportive energy from this amazing plant to open your heart even further then connect with me here



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